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New AI Product Photo Shoot Tool

robot with a camera for a head

Gone are the days of having to do actual product photo shoots. Flair AI is a new AI product phot shoot tool that creates professional-looking photo shoots in minutes and it's really simple

Credit to Moritz Kremb, who created this tutorial.

Step 1: Set up your product

  • Go to and create a new product project

  • Upload the image of your product, and/ or choose from one of Flair’s templates

  • Add your product to your canvas

Step 2: Add elements or humans

  • Go to ‘Elements’ to add photo props like fruits, flowers or accessories to your canvas

  • Go to ‘Humans’ to add models in a variety of poses to your canvas

Step 3: Generate and edit

  • Click ‘Generate’ and a prompt will be suggested based on your canvas

  • Test different variations of the prompt and find the one you like best for your product

With a little practice this tool can change the game for photoshoots as its takes a fraction of both time and cost of a regular photoshoot

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